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Our story


Fictor 's history dates back to 2007, when the brand was founded, at the time focusing on technology. Over time, the company gained capital, underwent strategic business reformulations and, as of 2020, took a turn in its mission, based on the baggage of its partners. They took different paths, but with a similar base of values . They started working very young and soon became entrepreneurs.

Today, Grupo Fictor is a holding of participation and investments, which includes in its portfolio companies in the segments of commodities, food, industry and real estate. With more than  10 years of experience, it has approximately 70 direct employees. It has headquarters in São Paulo and commercial units in the interior of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Salvador and future installation in Maranhão. The company has international partnerships and plans to also operate in the foreign market.

How does Grupo Fictor work in practice?

Once the relationship is established, we implement the mission of working together with management and thus developing and implementing value generation strategies towards the next level.


Supporting and supervising the various portfolio companies and their management teams. Among other support work, we guide the executive team through best practices in strategic, operational and financial management planning . In addition, we help implement new accounting, tax, procurement and IT systems through our shared service foundation.

After the practical part, it is important to institutionalize a philosophy of value management throughout the organization. A company's value derives from its ability to generate returns on investment and generate cash flow. Therefore, efforts are focused on long-term returns in terms of cash flow, not quarterly changes in earnings per share.


ABSTRACT: We identify and eliminate the company's bottleneck through structuring; We interfere with the company's debt to stop and focus on growth.

Unlike an exchange-traded stock portfolio strategy , where you can change positions over the course of a day. Our mix necessarily follows a more rigorous structure, as it requires balancing the equation of companies in prospect + companies in management (the investees) + companies to be divested. 


Fictor invests with its own resources and those of third parties. Third parties may be individuals, investment funds and banks. We have investors with different profiles in our company .

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Still needs help?

You can contact us through our service channels.

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