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Fictor Pay is a Fictor Group company that offers personalized financial and acquiring services for its customers. It has partnerships with large companies such as B3, Adiq, Cielo, Livelo, Orbitall and AmEx, and has developed its own digital banking platform and machines. It also has exclusive products and benefits, such as credit cards with Livelo points and receivables registration through B3. Fictor Pay stands out for its humanized service and cutting-edge technology.

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With solid experience in the grain market, the cereal company controlled by Fictor Group has extensive operational experience in

purchase and sale of CORN for the domestic market. It mainly serves the poultry, beef and animal feed industries . Its supply network currently handles more than 750,000 bags per month with reputable buyers.

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Fictor Invest is a company originated within the Fictor Group. It is responsible for managing its real estate assets, credit structures, holding companies and receiving/destining the Group's investments.

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Legacy Inc is the eSports, Business Entertainment, and Career Management company of the Fictor Group.

It is an embryonic investment that owns teams in electronic sports leagues (Valorant and FIFA), creates and produces content for various platforms with a focus on engaging communities, as well as managing the careers of prominent athletes and digital influencers in the national and international scene.

Legacy Inc. represents long-term value and profitability. The company's three main guiding pillars are purpose, consistency, and adrenaline.

Creating engaged communities with extraordinary audiences, allied with a purpose of building and artistic self-expression of this audience, is the brand's focus in this growing market worldwide.

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Operating in the market since 2013, VENSA FOODS has extensive knowledge in the manufacture and sale of animal protein.


During this period, VENSA developed friendly and trusting relationships with its customers and suppliers. This trust can be seen in the partnership with the most diverse producers of poultry, cattle, swine and sheep.


Due to our careful purchasing process , our products have high quality, which makes it possible to serve demanding markets such as Europe, Asia and South America.


Operating on all continents, VENSA has the expertise and is responsible for the entire logistics chain of its operations, ensuring a quality service in the delivery of the product to its final destination, whether in Brazil or abroad.


With a strategic location, VENSA is able to receive products, prepare them and ship them through the main port in Latin America , the Port of Santos, 60 kilometers from its headquarters.

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